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5 books to read this winter

5 books to read this winter

Summer is a distant memory and the new beginnings that come with a brand new year fill us with optimism and good intentions. The days have become shorter, so what better way to cross our read more resolution from our list, than curling into bed with a warm tea or a glass of wine and get your read on. Here are 5 books I recommend to fill up your afternoons. 


1. What are you looking at? 
Will Gompertz

This book has become my modern art bible. Will Gompertz goes through over a century of art movements and key artists in the most entertaining way possible. It was the most exciting art history class I've ever taken. With quirky anecdotes, surprising facts and beautiful descriptions, Gompertz takes your hand and walks with you through museums and artists' studios of the 20th century to help you understand better the why's of all the isms. My copy is full of notes and highlighted quotes. I got so inspired by Gompertz' writing, I decided to start this blog! 


2. The why cafe
    John P.Strelecky

If you're not a big reader and want something a little lighter, don't worry. I got you! The why café. is a super quick read, so simple in its structure and its choice of words, yet so insightful in between the lines. 2018 is already around the corner. Anyone else feels like the years are becoming shorter? Life is happening and it can be overwhelming. It's easy to fall into the trap of asking yourself wether you are where you're supposed to be. With 3 simple questions and a few magical characters, embark on an adventure to understand the importance of your purpose and become (more) self aware that life is worth living to the fullest.


3. Tuesdays with Morrie
    Mitch Albom

The endearing story of an unlikely friendship between a student and his professor. A beautiful collection of life lessons through (unpretentious) philosophical conversations. Maybe a bit simple and naive, but if this book doesn't fix world problems, at least it encourages individuals to live life with more meaning and love. A story that will make you pause and self reflect. A good read for the winter to fill your heart with good references for a bright new year.



4. The Elegance of the Hedgehog 
Muriel Barbery

The stories of the 50 year old concierge of a Parisian luxury apartment. and a precocious 12 years old inhabiting the building. Both fascinating characters, both reserved, cultured and very intelligent. So beautifully written, I would quote the entire book.  Through them, their unexpected friendship and other tenants of the building, Barbery tells a story about art,  philosophy and class consciousness powdered with French cynicism and.blunt existentialism. 


5. Persepolis
    Marjane Satrapi

If books aren't really your thing, here's something you might like. Marjane Satrapi wrote and illustrated this amazing graphic novel about her life as an Iranian woman during and after the Islamic revolution. The illustrations, all in pure black and white are powerful, expressive and beautiful. Through the story you learn not only to understand a little better the Islamic revolution, but also experience the struggles of a refugee and a woman in a repressive society. You will connect and relate in more ways than you think to Marjane, her frustration, her anger and confusion through several stages in her life. Quick and magnificent read!

Artist to follow: Mari Andrew

Artist to follow: Mari Andrew

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