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A week end in Mykonos

A week end in Mykonos


If Greece isn't on your list of places to go to, I would highly recommend you add it. I flew into Athens to immediately take a ferry to Mykonos. After being on plane after plane, dragging luggage and eating kiosk food for 2 days, arriving to the island felt like a dream. First stop: coffee! One of the best around at Epoca. I'm not a big fan of coffee, but the greek iced cappuccinos were to die for. Foamy and refreshing, the perfect drink to begin the day in the sunny island. 


Most tourists are gone in the month of September and the weather is still soft and warm. Pink and white flowers everywhere, bright sparkles of sea, yellow hills, white constructions and blue accents make up the perfect end of summer color palette. We stayed away from the touristy downtown in a more intimate and relaxed part of the island. Our little home was just as dreamy as the landscapes. Matching the bright white exterior, the inside was spacious and cozy. 


We visited a couple of beaches, both far from the popular southern ones. Ftelia, north of the island is a windsurfer's paradise. Thick waves, warm sand and tranquility. If you don't mind strong winds, it's worth the detour. Bean bags on the beach and cold beer served, the perfect combination to relax, read and get ready for lunch at the restaurant, up the hill. I don't know what was better, the view, the food, the service, the decoration or the company. I spent the most wonderful afternoon discussing life, drinking wine and eating seafood. Sometimes I wish life was as simple as that, but then I guess the conversation wouldn't be as interesting. 


Agios Sostis is also north of the island, and also one of the quietest beaches of the area. It's only accessible by car or motorbike, then walking down a hill. You won't find amenities or big crowds, and the way down is a little rough. It's worth the rocky start though: transparent waters, soft sand and a shiny sun. Often the simple things are the best things.


I couldn't leave the island, however, without having a drink at 180 sunset bar with its stunning view and fruity cocktails and take a walk around Mykonos town. For dinner, we picked Nikkei, a Peruvian restaurant crowned with bougainvillea and straw lamps, lost in the maze formed by the narrow white streets of the town. It was so strange to walk around, as if nothing was real around me. The light and colors were so bright for nighttime, I really felt like I landed in a movie set. I imagined how the strong winds could so easily break everything apart, like a house of cards. Such an strange experience. After a lovely evening, I was happy to come back to our quiet apartment, finally take off my shoes, leaving the crowds, keychains and tourist behind. 


Sadly, our stay was as short as it was sweet, but Athens was waiting with a whole other set of wonders to explore.


The colors of Athens

The colors of Athens

Marcel Mariën and his star dancer

Marcel Mariën and his star dancer