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Winter in California

Winter in California

I took a little break to breathe and find comfort in the familiarity I left in California, and decided to join my friends (and fabulous artists) Cami and Mau on a little Thanksgiving trip. Who knew a few games of fight list in bed, some red wine, a bike ride by the ocean and a terrible thanksgiving diner at Denny's could be so effective. Adventures with these two always come with a good dose of laughter, inappropriate jokes and creativity. This blog actually came into shape with their help in a little café of Fort Bragg, fueled by a warm cappuccino.

At times of anxiety, emotional distress and slight desperation, I can always count on friends to pull me out of the water. I think many of us underestimate the power of a good conversation. Talking about our fears and frustrations out loud is the best way to exorcise them, and the first step towards fixing what seems wrong. A new set of eyes with a different perspective can often turn a situation upside down. My problems weren't really problems, just inconveniences I was paying too much attention to. 


Fort Bragg is famous for its glass beach, originally a spectacle of vibrant and colorful sea glass, leftovers of eroded garbage dumped into the area over the years. It's kind of amazing how something so nasty turned the little beach into a landmark. Except... *spoiler alert* you won't find much color anymore. Time and tourists taking the glass home as a souvenir (sigh) have slowly turned this spot back into... well, a regular beach, with a few colored spots (if you look closely). But setting this disappointment aside, the little coastal town still carries the beauty of the California seaside. This is the perfect spot to satisfy the old grandma within you, take slow hikes, visit a winery, ride a bike and enjoy nature.


I imagine Fort Bragg to be a better as a summer getaway, but there's something magical about the coast in the winter, its thick fog and eery light. I love the summer sunshine, tanning and swimming in the ocean, but something about the empty beaches during the cold months fascinates me. They are so peaceful, comforting and romantic. 

The days may be shorter in the winter, but there's time for everything. Here are some suggestions for a cozy day in Fort Bragg. Start the morning indulging on some incredibly yummy breakfast at Circa '62, then rent bikes to follow the coastal trail. Explore the beaches and have a pic-nic by the water. On your way back, stop at one the cute cafés for a warm beverage then head home with some wine to drink by the fire of any of the cozy bed and breakfasts or Airbnbs around.


We also decided to try one of the local activities and ride the historic skunk train. Given the name, we should have realized this wasn't going to be very exciting, but we still went for it. And yes, it was as lame as you'd expect. Maybe it was the off season, maybe we failed to realize this was more for children than adults, but I just wanted to put out there that it was overpriced and definitely not worth our time. As soon as we got deeper into the forrest and the landscape became more interesting, we turned around the same way, and got back to the station. Sorry skunk train, you didn't make the cut! But at least I got a couple of cool shots!


And since it was a thanksgiving trip (which I don't really celebrate, but still): I'm thankful for the opportunities I've had and the ones to come, for the friends that save me from myself, and for all this beautiful light. That's all for my Mendocino escapade. Next stop is further south in Cordoba, Argentina. Coming soon!

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